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Radovi sa ISWA / SeSWA Beacon konferencije 2009. 


Day 1 - Thursday, 10th December

Keynote lectures:

                       Goal oriented sustainable waste management - Why and how?
                       Prof. Dr. Paul H. Brunner 

          Key planning factors for planning in waste sector in developing countries
                       Charles Peterson

    Strategic waste management opportunities within SEE waste market
                       Prof. Dr. Andjelka Mihajlov

                       Site reclamation and remediation of an old landfill site
                       Bernardino Filipponi


Session 1:


Sanitary landfilling - a key component of waste management in transition economies J. Fellner, D. Laner, J. Lederer, P.H. Brunner 
Assessment of landfill gas recovery and utilization in Bulgaria  P. Borgo, S. Andreev 

Mechanical and biological waste treatment as possible solution for municipal waste treatment in Serbia 

V. Kovacevic 
The Greek challenge toward the new framework Directive and the reverse burden of harmonisation A. Karkazi, S. Skoulaxinou, K. Naoum  
Problems in the implementation of a collection system for sorted waste in Bosnian small cities: A case study  C. Collivignarelli, V. Di Bella, M. Vaccari  
Biodrying municipal solid waste in a rotary drum reactor. The Effect of biomass temperature and inoculation  K. Hapeshis, P. Skourides, S.R. Smith, I. Skourides 
Planning and procedure in closing of existing dumps  M. Stankovic, J. Manic, G. Vujic, D. Ubavin 


Session 2:


Waste Management in Greece and potential for Waste-to-Energy E. Kalogirou 
The role of extended producer - Responsibility (EPR) in Strategic Waste ManagementCh. Stiglitz 

Modernization of municipal services: collection, transfer and disposal of communal waste and Implementation of system for separate collection of secondary raw materials at source

S. Mirosavljev
Recycling industry in Serbia - Environmental protection Agency data  I. Dukic, N. Misajloski, L. Mihajlovic, Lj. Djordjevic, S. Bijelovic 
The Effects of C and F Types of Fly Ashes on Compressive Strength Properties of Briquettes Ö. Ç. Sola, M. Yayla, B. Sayın, C. D. Atiş
Plastic bags in MSW - Ecological and economic analysis  L. Tomas, D. Ubavin, B. Batinic, N. Stanisavljevic 
Mathematical modelling of partitioning processes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as gas waste  J. Radonic, M. V. Miloradov, M. T. Sekulic, I. Holoubek, M. Djogo 


Session 3:


Improving municipal system for solid waste management using GIS techniques and route optimization N. Jovicic, G. Boskovic, G. Jovicic, M. Babic 
Modern solutions for municipal service - Waste collection and public hygiene according to the EU standards N. Spetsios 

Recommendations for transfer station design, Case study - City of Sabac 

M. Stankovic, T. Obradovic, Z. Stankovic
Multi factor analysis and assessment of sites and landfill expolitation methods V. P. Njunjic   
Spatial planning aspects of municipal waste management in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina - Opportunities and problems  T.Z. Vasiljevic, V. Zelenovic, S. Pivnicki, D. Duncic, D. Mikovic 
Sustainable waste management and petroleum sludge  D. Sokolovic, D. Govedarica 


Session 4: 


Industrial and communal waste in Serbia - Environmental protection Agency data I. Dukic, N. Misajlovski, L. Mihailovic, Lj. Djordjevic, S. Bijelovic, N. Redzic
Management of waste sludge from waste water treatment plants M. Sklenarova, J. Hodolic, M. Majernik 

Feasibility study for composting of municipal waste in Kragujevac 

N. Jovicic, D. Petrovic, M. Jacimovic, G. Jovicic, D. Milentijevic 
Implementation of the EC Landfill Directive in Croatia - Progress, problems and achievements (Emphasis on municipal solid waste) I. Stanic 
A field investigation of the quality of gas and piezometric water from municipal solid waste landfills in Vojvodina area M. V. Miloradov, G. Vujic, J. Radonic, M. Djogo, A. Dvornic, D. Ubavin, D. Milovanovic 
Disposal of motor vehicles in Serbia at the end of their life cycle   M. Pavlovic


Day 2 - Friday, 11th December


Keynote Lectures:

Waste management 2050: How innovation Drivers will shape SWM future
                       Antonis Mavropoulus

Methane to Markets Program
                       Swarupa Ganguli

The Cement industry, a reliable partner of the waste management? Possibilities of        the cement industry to support the Waste management strategy of Serbia
                       Christian Lampl

Strategies for biowaste recovery in Serbia
                       Dr. David Newman

                       Solid Waste Management and Recycling and Recovery Programs in Turkey
                       Günay Kocasoy



                       Session 1 - Landfill Basics
Landfill & Landfill gas bascics, Scott Messier

                       Session 2 - Landfill Gas Energy System Components
Landfill Wellfield and Project, Scott Messier
Modeling Landfill Biogas Generation, Cathleen Hall

                       Session 3 - Landfill Biogas Project Planning
Biogas (LFG) Energy Project Planning, Cathleen Hall
Field assessments of Landfill biogas resources, Cathleen Hall
Landfill Biogas Technology Applications, Scott Messier

                       Session 4 - Landfill Gas Energy Project Economics and Financing
Landfill Biogas Project Financing and Development, Cathleen Hall